no pressure roof cleaning


Our No Pressure Roof Cleaning safely removes mildew without damaging your roof or rinsing harmful chemicals onto your property.


Even though our product and service is top-notch, you’ll find our prices hard to beat. Call now and we can price your roof cleaning in a matter of minutes.


Our product contains a mildicide that prevents mildew from growing back, making it the longest-lasting roof cleaning available.


We’re here for you. If your roof regrows mildew or you get a notice from your homeowners association before two years, we’ll reclean your roof for free!




No Pressure Roof Cleaning was founded in 1998. The company began as a painting and pressure cleaning company providing both residential and commercial services. For the first four years, we offered traditional roof cleaning services and experimented with various chemicals and cleaning techniques. It did not take very long for us to realize that there was not an effective system in place to clean roofs. We wanted to offer a safe and consistent roof cleaning method. In 2002, we developed our No Pressure Roof Cleaning system, which changed the roof cleaning industry forever. With the success of our product, we have grown to become South Florida’s premier roof cleaning company.

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What others are saying about us

G Sammons

If you have a home that needs a roof cleaning and want to hire a well-run company that does outstanding work for what I consider to be more than a fair deal, call No Pressure Roof Cleaning today! Ask for ‘Paul’ and tell him you read G Sammon’s review on Google.

G Sammons
Mark Shirey

This company is very impressive. I got home less than an hour after they left. My 25 year old concrete tile roof looks brand new. Price was very affordable, they showed up on time, and the owner (Paul) was most helpful and available for my questions. Roof need cleaned? Give this company a call.

Mark Shirey5 Star Review
Kathy Stevens

Paul Guitard, the owner, was very professional. He returned my call promptly, came when he said he would, and completed the work in a professional manner. His workers were polite. The chemicals cleaned our roof without damaging the tiles or the nearby shrubs. We have a two story house with steep peeks, and Paul was very safety-conscious, as he should be. We believe “no pressure” is better for the tiles, and their cleaning process gives excellent results. We highly recommend NO Pressure Roof Cleaning, and plan to refer him to other homeowners and businesses.

Kathy Stevens5 Star Review
Paul Green

Competitive pricing, professional, service was top notch! I would highly recommend No Pressure Roof Cleaning!

Great job!

Paul Green5 Star Review
Rick Bernier

Paul was great. He was on time, very professional and did a wonderful job on our roof.

The roof was done in Jan 2012 and we just had our property management company inspection and the roof STILL passes. 3 YEARS!!!!! It looks very clean and shows no mildewing, staining or uneven weathering.

Our neighbors have had to have their roofs done and this only after 2 years since their last use of pressure washing.

Paul also agreed to do the driveway pavers for us that had begun to show a fair amount of mildew. We had had them pressure washed a couple of times previously, but found this to be less than acceptable as the washing removed some of the coloring in the pavers, as well as remove a significant amount of the sand binder between the pacers, making them less stable.

Their chemical formula did an outstanding job. It cleaned all the mildew, killed off all of the mossy growth between the pavers and has looked very appealing for 3 years.

We are getting ready to have them done again and this time include the pool area and back patio, which we expect will look much better after the application.

Can’t say enough good things about the company, their product or the results we have seen in our home.

Rick Bernier5 Star Review